Saturday, November 30, 2013

Noles beat the Gators!

Today, we hung out at my parents house to watch the FSU game vs UF.  FSU won which means my husband will be in a jovial mood, yes!

During the game, after one of the plays, Did you see the way that Jimbo Fisher turned Jameis Winston's face mask to him so he could talk to him and say, hey I'm the coach this is how it is.  Obviously, we couldn't read his lips but he was pretty firm and Jameis was respectful to him when he did that.  Jimbo probably felt like he was talking to one of his kids.  Great player and coach interaction.  I did not realize that Jameis was only a freshman!  Awesome that he will be there for several more years.

What a week!  and Weekend for that matter!  I was able to go out and catch a few sales this morning.  It feels good to go shopping for people other than myself, ya know?! :-)  Can't wait for christmas to come!  My kiddos have not asked for much this year.  My daughter has requested an ipod, rubber band bracelets and tickets to Rebounderz.
My son has requested a new xbox, wrestlers, new bball hoop.  Oh to be young again, it is always so magical when you are young.

For fear that my daughter may check my blog, I will not write what I have gotten for her or my son thus far.  Those little eyes, love them!  I am excited for her though.  I hope she likes what she gets.  She is 12 years old now, a pre-teen and it is so fun to shop her.

This is the multi-purpose table I had mentioned in a previous post that my dad is building me.  So happy with how it is turning out.  Below, is a picture of a hutch/bookshelf that he built me earlier this year.  I love it!  If you are interested in having a piece of furniture built, private message me and I can let him know.  He would welcome and love the business!!!!!

Here are some semi-black friday finds I found at what other place than Goodwill!!  Ha!  I was so happy with these purchases, every piece was just under $4.

For some reason, this picture makes my body frame look a little dis-contorted!  These were black Avia running pants with a pink stripe up the side.  Brand New, in excellent condition!!  I bought these for just under $4!!
Jones, New York khaki shorts.  $2.49!!
These shorts were definitely one of my favorites.  They are Old Navy bermuda khaki's.  I bought these for just under $4!!!!

These are reasons to definitely shop Goodwill, if you can!  Great prices and quality clothes.  It is nice that they sift through those mounds of clothes and only put out genuinely quality clothes!

I was able to get to the gym first thing this morning!  I was so happy and it feels so good to get out there on the treadmill!

Be sure to check on websites too for awesome clothing deals!  I was able to pick up these Adidas running shorts for $10 on Kohl's clearance site!
That's it today folks!  Have a great night!  :-)  Snuggle with your little ones tonight!  

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had such a great Thanksgiving!  We ended up at my mothers house, love my momma!  I took a few pics, not many at all.  We had a couple more family members that I would have loved to take a picture of but did not.  :/  But here ya go!





                   These crazy girls wanted me to take a pic with their faces covered in cool whip!


                                             Mom had all the place settings ready to go.


                My first homemade baked apple pie!  Everyone was in agreement, it came out perfect!!!!!


                 Broccoli and Cheese Casserole.  Side note, next time use Cheddar cheese, not velveeta!  (When I figure out how to link recipes, I will post where you can locate instructions on how to make the dishes)


                                         Tom's Deep Fried Turkey, came out crisp and brown.


                     My infamous Deviled Eggs, if I am coming to dinner, this is what I bring.  :-)


                                                     My mom made a ham, yummm!  


                                       And there was so much other food, too much to list!

          What I wore:


Love these shoes!  My niece has these pair of suede loafers from Cotton On and I just loved them!  So I went right out and bought the same exact pair and mine were on sale for under $10!!!!


Last random pics of Christmas decorations..





We still have yet to buy a christmas tree and put out more decorations so I'll be reposting some pics of more decorations over the next several days!

Make it a great one today, folks!  :-)

~ Sherry

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

oh there's no place like home for the holidays.....

Today was so much fun!  The kids did not have school today and I took the day off from work and decorated the house for Christmas.  Not totally done yet but well on my way.   Had my christmas music on and my candles burning.  Loving the holidays!

If you havn't bought the cd by the Robertson's, better known as Duck Dynasty, you really should!  I listened to that over and over today.  And let me tell you, the Robertson's can sing.  Every person had a song that they were included in and they sounded so good.  I could hear Willie, Jase, Phil, Sadie...all of them on the cd.


I included just a few pictures of the decorations around the house.  Still have more to do.  But here is just a glimpse.  You can see in the background, that I still have some Thanksgiving decorations before I totally move over to Christmas.  (Have Thanksgiving tablecloth and table runner on Dining room table)







And now that I am done for the day I am lounging in the living room with the fireplace going and my baked apple pie candle burning.  It's nice and warm inside.  Brrr it's cold outside, it's 57 degrees outside!!  


Meal Time:

Made a quick meal, Kraft Velveeta rice, chicken, broccoli and cheese.  One of my husbands favorite meals!


Tomorrow I will post pictures and the recipes of the meals that I will be making.  I plan to make a homemade baked apple pie (first time ever), broccoli and cheese casserole, fried mushrooms (as appetizer) and the staple item that I bring to every family function under the sun, Deviled eggs.  I can't wait! I will post lots of pics!

And with that,  I am signing out.  Hope everyone has a great night and a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!  :-)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A real quick post

I didn't have a chance to post yesterday so thought I would post real quick before I head out the door and pick up my daughter from school and then off to flag football for the kids.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I am really looking forward to spending time with family and making some new memories and trying out a few new recipes.  I have about 3 recipes I want to try out.  One includes making my first baked homemade apple pie!  I am so excited to see how that turns out.  Yummm!  I can already smell the baked apples permeating throughout the house!

Sometime tonight or tomorrow I am hoping to get my christmas decorations out of the attic so I can start making it feel like you just stepped into a Winter Wonderland in our house for Christmas.  Obviously, the vision in my head is much more than I could ever accomplish in real life but a girl can dream.  Can not wait!  And I will have to post pictures once I am all done.

This was my first purchase of the holiday season, new pillows.

Also, my dad is building me a table for my kiddos arts & crafts projects, eating, coloring, pretty much anything they can use a flat surface for.  That was my late birthday gift.  My inspiration came from this picture.

I saw this on pinterest and immediately knew I had to have it!!!  I thought we could use that table for so many purposes.  In this picture, the table was behind a sofa in the media room (to be used for eating while watching a movie).  So that is what my dad is building me.  He should be pretty much finished up by the end of Thanksgiving weekend.  In our spare room, we have a love seat that this will fit perfectly behind.

On a totally different note, I am in prayer for me and my daughters relationship. Like every other tweener out there, she is going through a stage that leaves her wanting to express herself.   But also at the same time not realizing that it does come across as rude and disrespectful.  We have went through the eye rolling, the telling mom to get out of her room, yelling, and I have realized getting mad at her doesn't help so now I calmly tell her how I am disappointed by some of her decisions and/or actions.  She still gets a spank occasionally when needed.  After speaking with her, As a parent you want that instant feedback to know that what you have said is getting through and maybe somewhere in that head she may say, "Mom, I'm sorry and I made a wrong choice" and we are just not there quite yet.  I am wondering if that ever will happen but I will continue the expectation of wanting her to say it and mean it from the heart.  I know she is no different than any other child but it doesn't mean I have to agree with it.  She is a sassy girl for sure and will let you know how she wants to do things and what she does not agree with.  My sister said this stage only gets better.  Oh dear!  :/

The Lord will have to direct me on making the right decisions with her for sure.  She is going to stay with her Grandma for a few days over the Thanksgiving break and I am looking forward to somewhat of a sanity break.

What I wore today.  For some people, they don't care what I wore and when I wore it and where, but from a very young age, I would write in my diary every day what I wore to school.  I would plan out what I would wear a week in advance so as to not wear the same thing twice in one week.  I was so anal about clothes.  We didn't have a lot of money so a lot of our clothes were from thrift shops, hand me downs and garage sales but either way I worked with what I was given.  And now, it is popular on blogs to post what you wore.  I was way ahead of my time, who knew?  ha!  :-)

Here is todays outfit.

                                         Gray shirt with silver jewels with gray NYC slacks

I love this shirt but it looks like it needs to be dry-cleaned, still has the fold line from the store.  This is the first time I wore it.  I loved it. It was from Kohl's and was so comfortable!

One last picture I thought I would post.  Susan took this selfie in the car on our way up to Tallahassee and I loved it!  The lighting, the closeness with her and her brother.  Every thing about it I loved so I thought I would share.  This will be going in the new chevron picture frame for sure.

With that, I am out!  Ready to do tidy up around the house before my kiddos have flag football practice tonight.

~ Sherry

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend in Tally!

What a fun weekend we had in Tallahassee!  The FSU game was record making for sure.  It is going down in history as the highest scoring game against a competitor.  The final score of the game was 80-14 in FSU's favor!  They played against Idaho.  We had such a great time and I did not want to leave!!!!   I would love to move to Tallahassee and if I could, I would in a heartbeat!  I have a lot of pictures on the trip, starting from the very first pic of us driving in the car on the way to Tally.

                                    Here we are just pulling out of the driveway on our way to Tally!

James and Susan being kept busy on the drive by the iPad in the backseat
Susan with her Seminole pillow

Tom bought headcovers for the front seats.  I just thought they were so cool and I hope he buys more for the backseat.

After driving for 3 hours, We finally made it to the hotel!  

                       After we got to the hotel, we immediately went out to lunch.  We were starving! 

   Cracker Barrel was the choice for lunch!  I love Cracker barrel.  Not only for their food but of course the country store.  It is always decorated so festive.

                 My only purchase at the old country store was this chevron picture frame.  I already know what picture I am going to put in this frame!  Love it!


                                              After lunch we headed over to the stadium.



Here is the gang on the way!  The weather was perfect for walking so we pretty much just walked everywhere around the campus.


                                              Here is where the lighting of the torch takes place.  


Susan wanted her picture taken with Jameis Winston.  He is one of Tom's favorite players this season and he was recognized on the Academic Warrior wall for maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Susan dressed and ready to go to the game!  or out shopping, forgot where we were off to for this pic!


Day 2 pic - how cute it was that my son was standing there looking at his mama!  Love my son!


At the hotel, the next morning they had a free breakfast and the kids were able to make their own waffles. After eating a few bites, I told Tom we have to try out the Waffle House here in town when we get home.  They were so good!!  It was the first time I'd ever had homemade waffles.


                      At the hotel they had a semi- indoor pool.  My crazy kids jumped in the water.  It was freezing cold but they did not mind!  


                                After their short little swim in the pool, they jumped into a nice warm bath.


We did have a little downtime in the hotel before the game started.  James kept grabbing the ipad and going to his favorite spot in the hotel room.  He found a little nook beside the desk.


                  Susan was keeping herself busy until game time by drawing pictures on a piece of paper. 


We stopped by the Capitol building since we had a little extra time.  The kids raced up the stairs to the top.



We were behind this pretty cool looking bus.  James asked if this was the bus that the football players showed up in.  I am highly doubting that!  


Here we are sitting next to the band.  I was surprised but it was not that loud at all.  I thought once the tubas and all the instruments started, it would be unbearable but not so at all. I would sit there again in a heartbeat.

                  It did get a little cold about the second half of the game, the winds were picking up for sure!


                                                      Here's James sipping on his frozen lemonade.

                                                       The Marching Band takes the field
                                                                             Chief Osceola

                                                                  Day 3 in Seminole town!

And with that, we checked out about 10:00 this morning and we came on back home!  My niece stayed in our house while we were gone to keep an eye out and make sure our cat, Snowflake was fed.

It will feel so good sleeping back in our own bed tonight.

What a fun weekend and certainly gets me excited thinking about our kiddos going to college one day. I did not personally go to a 4 year college and get my degree so I hope for so much more for my kiddos.

The campus was huge and somewhat intimidating when you think about it, but what better way for kids, right out of high school to gain real world experience outside of living with their parents.

With that, I am signing out.  I need to make sure my kids have something to wear tomorrow for school and get settled in for the evening.

Hoping everyone has a great week ahead!  :-)