Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer is officially here!!

And we are excited here at the Smith house although circumstances are a little different for Sue.  She starts off her summer with a broken collarbone although after only a week she is starting to feel like she is completely healed.  We have to remind her, 6 weeks!!
James starts summer school next week...kind of an "enrichment" program as opposed to typical summer school. It will only last two weeks.  
Here are some random pictures the last couple of days.  

For anyone who does read my blog, please stay in prayer about my health.  I am going to the doctor to check on some bloodwork to make sure that my body is doing what It should do.  I have an unbelievably slow metabolism and it is starting to concern me.  After exercising, eating healthy and still can't seem to get the pounds off, actually gaining pounds.  Also I have headaches and fatigue.    Now, I'm concerned.
But otherwise that's about it for today!!
Make it a great one!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer blooms...

As summer is now here, I started taking pictures of some of the plants around the yard and how they are doing.  I am hoping that they will begin to really bloom and do well.  I am pretty happy about the progress thus far....
How pretty is this hibiscus??  Tropical ~

My Gardenia Tree with pansies on the base of the planter.  

One of several plumbagos in the front yard

Bougainvillea with only a few blooms so far.  I think this plant probably requires more shade.
I love the petunias!  They are just thriving!

Last but not least, my hydrangea.  It needs a little more love, it is starting to wilt just a bit.  

And that's about it with the plants.  Hoping to add some more soon.  I just think a yard full of flowers make it look so much better! 

Until next time....