Sunday, August 16, 2015

The big announcement

I suppose this post is long overdue.  I recently became divorced so I'm now beginning a new chapter in my life.  Only time will tell which direction that is.

You know when you're younger and you just know you will never become one of the divorce statistics, well here I am.  Guess he didn't like I was bringing to the table, what I was cooking, whatever the reason he high-tailed it on outta here.  

Now it's time to move on.  Trying to get my head on straight and slowly try and regroup.  I'm turning 40 this year which is also a big deal!  The black balloons will be out for sure on that day!

In other news summer is almost officially over and we'll be sending the kiddos to school and heading back to work.  School supplies have been bought, extended care arranged, and we are ready!  

Here are some random pics of our summer vacation. 

James with his cousin Jacob.  

James and mom. 

4th of July fun!

Don't forget to wear shoes on the nature walk at Deleon Springs.  James punctured the bottom of his foot at least a half an inch thick.  

Susan at the skatepark. 

They love bowling!

Me and James resting after walking downtown.

Open house at James summer school.  He was part of a play.

The bomb squad

Visited the Sanford zoo.  

All American summer pic! (James got his first Mohawk)

And that's it!  Summer is coming to a close, wrapping up some last minute books I've been reading, which I love, love to do!