Friday, June 24, 2016

Making the best of small spaces

So I recently moved into a much smaller place which meant I had to downsize.  

What it also meant was I had to be creative with storage solutions.  One idea was in the bedroom.  When it came to the closet in the master bedroom it only had one small door leading into the closet.  

And as you can see above, a very small space for hanging clothes.  Thank Goodness I already had this over the door hanger where I could place coats and other sweaters.

But I also knew I needed even more room. So I went to Walmart and picked up this closet organizer.  It was only about $50 but made a huge difference.

Now I have room for all my clothes, shoes, scarves and hats.  Because it has 3 rather large bins that pull out for storage.  Great option on a budget!!

 I'll post more pics of other rooms as I get them finished. 

Here's a sneak pic of the kids room.  Still had a few things to finish in this room.  

I'll keep you posted!!

Check back again!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

James Award Presentation

Of course the ending of the school year means awards and celebrations.  

This little guy never lacks for receiving an award usually based on athletic performance in PE or such.  

His award was titled Mr Sports.  His teacher was Mrs Collins and she was so good with James. James could always push himself further: he really has got to want that for himself too.  He'll get there!

For now, he is on to 5th grade and we are celebrating!

And here's a quick pic of Sue wearing her dress for the 8th grade dance.  She didn't end up wearing this dress but she picked it out, we bought it and it is cute nonetheless.

And Sue is moving on to 9th grade.  All is well!  😊