Wednesday, August 7, 2013


So I have come to realize in life, that the people that you think have it all together....Generally, do not! Now, it has taken me a little bit longer to realize this fact because I have been looking at life rather naively.  I just assumed everyone has the best intentions, that their motives are well thought out and meant for good.  Never would I dream that people actually meant harm against you or try to lead you down a path, you don't want to go.  Be who God designed you to be and even if it feels like you are the only one that just doesn't get it.  Stand firm in the faith!  Just my food for thought today.

I tend to look at blogs a lot because I get a lot of inspiration from other moms from all over the country.  Young moms, older moms, artistic moms, chatty moms, fashion oriented moms but one thing that is common is we are all moms.  Being a mom is a full time duty and there are days, being totally honest, that I just want to walk away and have some me time.  I love my children, I love everything they do and love their soft, adorable cheeks first thing in the morning when I give them a kiss as I head off to work.  They fill me with such laughter and joy.  A joy that I don't think could ever be given from anywhere else.  The feeling that this little child is looking to you for guidance, support, upliftment, encouragement, and just all around direction in life is inspiring to me.  I try to be a better person for my children and the success of their future.  I love being just a plain and simple mom! 

James and Susan this past summer at Daytona Beach

We have had a great summer and are now finishing up some last minute things around the house in order to get geared up for back to school!  We are about 95% finished with back to school shopping.  I have to tell you, I do not get that excited about the tax free weekends. I just don't see the huge savings.  Although it is a great way to get people out there spending money that wouldn't normally so I can see the benefits.

A fashion trend that seems to be taking off around the Smith House is long dresses.  My daughter has now turned into a young adult about to be teenager and she has picked up this Smith trend.  She loves long dresses. I have always loved the dresses because they are just so darn comfortable and easy flowing.  Susan asked to get this dress this summer to wear to the fireworks.  We always buy some type of 4th of July apparel to fully partake in the celebration and Susan picked out this long dress. Although it did not have any hint of Independence Day, it was a nice choice!  Absolutely adorable and she looks cute as a button!

Susan posing in her new dress from Kohl's

Last but not least, my honey and I were able to go on date night last month to a place that was designed to be like a Brazilian steakhouse.  All of the waiters walked around with huge slabs of meat on skewers and they would slice off whatever you requested.  The meat would range from leg of lamb, ribs, to sirloin steak.  All of the food was absolutely superb! If I remember the name of the place, I will post it.  It was great.

Now on this date, I wore one of the latest fashion trends, Hi-lo skirts, and I absolutely love this trend!  I went and purchased this skirt from Kohl's and I have absolutely no regrets. Paired it with this crocheted top and I was set to go!  hi-low dresses or skirts are absolutely a must this year! 

 And that is about it for now!  Enjoy your day!  This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!