Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First day of Spring…hallelujah!!

First Day Of Spring 2014 Arrives On Thursday, March 20

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

Found this post and I thought I would share…love it!

The ways in which we can be kind are infinite, but here are some basic, quick ideas to jumpstart the kindness revolution.
1. Pay a thoughtful compliment to a stranger.
2. Write a letter to a hospitalized veteran.
3. Pop a coin in an expired parking meter.
4. Help someone with a baby stroller get up the stairs where there isn't an elevator.
5. Pay for a stranger’s coffee.
6. Give your umbrella to someone who doesn’t have one and is looking miserable; if you need to stay dry too, share it instead.
7. Donate to a stranger’s medical expenses fundraiser.
8. Write a letter to management extolling an employee’s good service.
9. Give your scarf to someone who looks cold.
11. Let a parent with a cranky child go before you in line.
12. Offer your seat to someone standing on public transportation.
13. Write a thank-you note to someone who taught you something.
14. Pay a stranger’s dinner tab and leave a note if you see behavior you admire, like this man did.
15. Order a hot meal to-go after dinner out and give it to someone who looks hungry or a neighbor in need.
16. Give lottery tickets to strangers.
17. Donate blood.
18. Bake cookies for the firemen at your local firehouse.
19. Post fliers for something that someone lost and you found.
20. Leave a copy of your favorite book, CD, or DVD in a public place with a “free, hope you enjoy it” note.
22. Rake a neighbor’s lawn while they’re out; shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk before they wake up.
23. Introduce yourself to a stranger who you often cross paths with.
24. Tape coins to a gumball machine.
25. Praise someone for a thankless job well done.
26. And don’t forget the basics: Help people who’ve dropped things, hold doors and elevators open for people, and help slow walkers cross the street.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Marriage Challenge worth posting and taking a read

Something fun to do with your spouse.

Assignment: Spend an hour or so going over your nightly "Top 10".  No matter how much you think you know about each other, this process is enlightening/shocking/humbling all in one.  The way to go about this is to set a time (which could be "after the kids go to bed") and discuss your answers for an hour or so.  You can either write your answers down right before you meet or throughout the day.  But they have to be written down before the scheduled time. 

Day 1- What are your Top 10 favorite characteristics about one another? Why? (wife writes 10 for her husband. And the husband will write 10 for his wife)

Day 2- What are your Top 10 favorite characteristics about yourself? Why? (Wife writes about herself. Husband writes about himself)

Day 3- Where are 10 places you have never been to but would love to go? Why? (again, these are individual lists.  You each write your own)

Day 4- What are 10 of your biggest pet peeves? Why? (in general, not necessarily with one another)

Day 5- What are your 10 things you hope your kids learn from you? Why?

Day 6- If you won $100k tomorrow... what 10 things would you buy yourself? Why? (you cannot save it or spend it on anyone else. You MUST spend it all on yourself)

Day 7- What are 10 things that you would like to improve on personally? Why?

Day 8- If you could invite 10 people to dinner, alive or dead, who would they be? Why?

Day 9- What are 10 things that your spouse can do for you, or does for you, that you really value/appreciate? 

Day 10- ***Do this one over a date-night dinner***  What 10 things do y'all want to accomplish in the next year? Do this list together and once you are done talking about it and putting the list together, put it in an envelope and store it.  Then make a point to open it in a year!

Try it out!  :-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thought for the day

Not a lot of words to say today because I have been kinda busy but what I will say is that I love my family so much!  I don't get to see my brother as often as i would like but God has definitely blessed me with a great family.  

This picture was taken 2 years ago at Christmas.  Seriously, the jeans and those boots were not a good choice at all.  Fashion faux-pas for sure.

And that is all, gotta go start some errands around the house.


Friday, March 7, 2014


Today, at Kelly's Korner,  there is a link in for awkward childhood photos or just awkward photos in general.  Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of childhood pictures so I am importing what we do have. The great 80's!  I so miss those years. 

This picture was the standard Olan Mills family picture.  My hairdo consisted of the ever so popular "dove wings" as my mother used to call them.  I think even my brother had dove wings…lol  I was the one in the front with the gap in between my front teeth.  My mother promised me that over time my gap would close up so not to worry about getting braces.  You know they never did close up and I had to get braces when I was 25!  :/

My sister and I in Middle School.  For some reason I looked so grumpy in this picture but this picture of the two of us just screams awkward.  ha!
And that is about it!  The braces and other typical awkward pictures did not come until later.  I loved my younger years though.  Brought up in a home filled with love and happiness. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Who else can light up my heart like this boy?!  Love him to the moon and back!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Swimming pools

On my mind today, POOLS!

Summer is almost here which makes me think of swimming pools!  Here are a few that I love!

For those who have inground pools, consider yourselves blessed!  :-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New haircut!!

Okay, so I did it!  I chopped at least a good 4 - 5 inches off of my hair today and I love it!  Looks a lot healthier and less maintenance.  Which is going to be great for the summer. 

This picture reminds me of Diane Keaton for some reason.  I feel like I have taken on a more mature look.  ha!  
                                                        Couldn't be happier with it.

Now also, check out that sweater I am wearing.  It is so darn cute.  I bought it at a yardsale last week for a $1. I am in love with it!

Here's a different view so you can appreciate every angle of it.

The picture was taken this morning before my haircut.  Love this sweater!  It's faded glory brand so it must have been sold at Walmart.  I am so glad I found it!  
That's all today folks!  :-)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Life is better at the deck...

Ha!  We had such a great time at the Ocean Deck this weekend!!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we took full advantage of it.

First up here were some pictures over the last few days.

This is how we wait for his sister everyday after school.  Sitting in the window

Sue getting her award with her coach at the last game.  She was super embarrassed, no other kids had their picture taken with their coach.

At the Ocean Deck...

Me and my sister soaking up the sun.  The water was absolutely freezing!  

Sue and Crissy.  Wasn't sure if Sue might crack a smile in this pic.

Susan and her brother James.  James not looking so happy, cannot imagine why.  On the beach, playing football, swimming and hanging out about to sing karaoke.  What more can you ask for?