Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Random Pictures

More pictures of my kids out by the pool

Our little princess

                                            James trying to look serious in his "hot tub"

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Summer Pics

There are some days where no topic comes to mind to post on the blog so thought I would share some random pics of summer time!

A VBS Crafts project.  I love this, Sue made it and it is a stained glass type of picture.  I just thought this was so creative.

The kids hanging out, quite literally just outside the window.  Of course they wanted me to take their picure.  They are becoming little hams when it comes to the camera.

Another picture

Sue chose behind the TV to hide for hide and seek with James

Here she is again trying to squeeze her way out. 


And of course Snowflake.  This is how he spends the majority of his days.

And that is about it today.  It was a lazy summer day with not a lot going on!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heaps of Laundry

I know, why start off a blog about laundry, right?  Well, that is my reality right now.  Today is all about getting laundry done so we can maintain seating on our sofa.  Right now it is filled with laundry that needs to be hung up and put away.  I had to sneak away from that pile just for a moment.

Today, was day #2 for my daughter's writing class.  I am so happy for her!  You may ask, why the excitement over a writing class?  Because I have had a concern with her taking her time with her writing and also using the correct spelling.  Although the emphasis on the class may not be on spelling, it is still helping her in the long run with becoming a pretty awesome writer.  She mentioned last year that she wanted to start some type of newspaper or journal in her elementary school so this is one step closer.  I told her this upcoming year in school, I would like to see a little more involvement in different groups and organizations on campus.  She is only in 5th grade but it will only help her in the long run and it is never too early to start thinking about college, right?!  : )  I know she has expressed interest in a run team at the school.  Great for physical exercise, which is also important!    Whatever she does, I know she will do well!

I bought some workbooks for James too to help with his math, letter sounds, sight words, etc.  School is now about a month away so I want to get his mind going in that direction and have a good start to the year!  My little guy will be staying back in 1st grade next year.  We felt at this time, this would be the best thing for him.  He has very little self confidence with his sight words, and his writing I think could definitely use some extra work.  He did have an intervention teacher that worked with him in class this last year but he still required a little more time than he was given or could be given.
I am also encouraging independence with him.  I think I have spoilt him by doing things for him that he wants me to do everything even still.  You know as a mom you can blame yourself for every set back but in reality that is what life is about, you make mistakes and you learn from them. 

Either way, I think next year for both of them is going to be so much different (at least I hope).  Not really positive which different clubs or organizations are offered in 1st grade but I want to encourage James to participate as well.   And I think that about sums it up, I want to encourage them to do their best and get involved and we will take one day at a time!  I have some pretty awesome kiddos so I know they will do well.

Well, that is about it!  I need to get back to that huge pile of laundry! 

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

SUYL - Master Bedroom

Show Us Your Life - Master Bedroom

Aren't Master Bedrooms fun to decorate?  I know I love decorating mine!  I think I am happy with how it is now though I would love to paint the walls, not sure which color yet.

Entering into the bedroom.  I picked up the window pane (on the dresser) at a yardsale, I jus tthought that was such a neat find.

I love my bed!  Especially the goose down comforter, talk about never wanting to wake up when I go to sleep!  This bed is the definition of comfy!

I have attempted to try and collect Shabby Chic decor for my dresser.  I love Shabby Chic!

A different view.

This is an old picture frame that I spray painted and made into a chalkboard.  It really does not have a home yet but it will soon!  I wrote on it, Beach House.  I just love the beach and love the thought of living in a beach house! 

That's about it!

Friday, July 13, 2012

SUYL - Mantles

Today, the focus was on mantles.  Needless to say, there is absolutely nothing exciting about my mantle.  Very minimal. 

I love this fireplace! We purchased it at Sam's club several years ago (it is so heavy). 

Though I will never win any interior design awards for this piece, it works for me!  haha!

Now here a few pictures of mantles that I would absolutely love to have!

The picture above just makes me think of warmth during the fall months.  Absolutely love!

This picture just reminds me of what I love most, greenery and it looks like there is plenty of it!  haha!  Love this one too though!

Okay, that is it for today..hope you liked my mantle!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

SUYL - Bathrooms (Guest and Master)

On one of the websites that I follow, Kellys Korner, they are featuring different rooms throughout the house. They call it SUYL (Show Us Your Life),  I have been a tad bit behind on this so I am slowly trying to catch up.
Today, the focus is on bathrooms. 

The first picture is the Guest bathroom, also known as the kids bathroom.

This bathroom was initially designed to be both Finding Nemo and Frogs theme.  It has been this theme for about 6 years now so I probably need to do a little updating.  


Some fun appliqu├ęs above the bathtub.

This bathroom is very minimal and so kid friendly.  I just love it!

And below are pictures of the Master Bathroom.  Although not a lot to rant and rave about, thought I would take pictures even still.  

It is a very eclectic bathroom, not a specific theme going on here.  My original idea was spa bath/retreat.  Okay, well enjoy!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Go Wolves!

July brings it with days of Football Conditioning Camp to prepare for the Fall. Unfortunately, my little guy has already experienced a pulled muscle from the practices. Though this is a great time for him to meet all the players and gain some valuable practice time. I'm excited to see how he is going to do this year, as it will be his 3rd year in Tiney Mites! Which means he is the big guy on the team.

In anticipation of football season, I have purchased a new mommy bag!  I love mommy bags because I pack them for all the events with different things that the kids may, sunblock, chapstick, wipes, pretty much anything that you can think of should an emergency arise.  The tote that I have purchased is from thirty one.  I love this company because it is based off of Proverbs 31, this scripture is about a Godly woman.  Here is the basis of the scripture, A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. 

Here is a picture of the tote. The tote will actually come in Navy Blue and will say "Smith Family" on it in white trim.

That's about it today!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Living Room Pics

I had mentioned in another post about people taking pictures of their homes and posting it on their blogs.  This is something that I love because of all the decorator tips that you can pick up. 
Today, I am posting pictures of my living room, this is actually known as my prayer room and does not get half as much use as it should.

View looking across from formal dining room.  My dad actually built this dividing wall with french doors.  Originally, the home was an open floor plan from the formal living looking into the dining room.

Picture looking in from the french doors

I rarely shop at Steinmart but I found this pillow with the S on it and just had to get it, plus it was on sale.

I have always loved the picture of the man and woman dancing on the beach.

Unfortunately, the pillows are covering a few boxes of "stuff".  Normally there would be books on the bottom shelf.  My nick nack shelf

My husband actually built this curio cabinet for my birthday one year.  I love it, it will always be a family treasure.

This is the backside of the french doors.  Although not all the way finished, I love this color yellow.  I would love to paint the whole room this color.

Okay, well that about covers my living room.  I hope you enjoyed it!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crepe Myrtle in Bloom...

It is that time of year where the Crepe Myrtles and other plants are in full bloom.  I wanted to take a picture of my Crepe Myrtle in our front yard because I absolutely love it and am so happy how it is just thriving!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swimming and Bowling

Blue Springs was the place to be today!  We saw 2 manatees and the water was ideal swimming temperature.  At first I thought it would be too cold to even think about swimming but it turned out to be okay. 
Susan was able to swim with the manatees.  They swam right under her, now how totally cool is that?  A memory she will definitely always have.
James was a little more reluctant to venture out into the water though he did finally find his fins and took off into the water.  Of course momme had to watch him like a hawk.  At no point in this water could he touch the ground so I had my eye on him the whole time.  Talk about scare a momma to death (but really he was fine, I was the one freaking out..haha! )

This was a pretty cool statue of a manatee, It was made of tiny peices of tile glued together, a mosaic manatee..unique!

It took no time at all for Sue to jump in that water and she had a great time!

Beautiful day on the river!

Aunt Crissy and James waiting to go in the water.

Earlier in the day, we were able to take the kids to the bowling alley. The local bowling alley has had such a great deal during the summer. The kids can bowl 2 games free. The only thing we have to purchase is the shoes, so that is kind of fun. I took some pictures of them this morning. My little ones are growing up way too fast!

I was so happy for James, he never wins the games when he plays so I was ecstatic this morning that he could experience a win!

This was his happy dance..haha!

Sue won the second game!

She wanted me to take a picture of her bowling stance!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day of Freedom - Happy 4th!

Here we find ourself celebrating another fourth of July!  All American Style which means barbeque and Fireworks!

Today, not too much planned other than a cookout at a friends house later on and maybe some swimming beforehand, the day is absolutely beautiful!  I don't think we could have asked for a better day!

Last night, we went over to Daytona to a Cubs Baseball Game.  This is the second year that we have done that and it is just so much fun.  Just a time to celebrate with friends and family! And of course partake in all the concession stand food.  I say that is what makes the whole experience, the hotdogs and frenchfries. haha!  The game was followed up by fireworks so that made it really fun.

Of course the kiddos had to have their picture taken with Cubbie, the mascot. 

We all just had a great time!

Here's hoping that you and your family have an amazing fourth of July!  :)