Sunday, September 25, 2016

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Awareness Month.  Could be the person next to you that's contemplating life.  Take your time and listen and care!  People are irreplaceable! #speaklife

Warning Signs - Withdrawal, depression, speaking of ending their life, isolating oneself.

No person should go through this life alone.  And no person should think one person or people are worth ending their life over.  

Life is a beautiful thing to waste!  

Losing a biological father to suicide, I understand how much the absence of a person affects your life.  It totally redirects your life and what you will experience in this life.

Life is beautiful, maybe not everyday but most days.  And sometimes you have to pull and seek the beauty out of the day. It may not reveal itself on its own.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Cleats and ponytails

2016 school year started off with a bang.  Susan is on the track team and James is playing football.



And I'm a proud mom of both!  

Busy days for the Smith's!  

Lola aka Lolita.. Probably the most annoying animal on the planet! No joke.  She looks innocent but when she's not looking I will send her on a rocket to the moon where she can bark and absolutely no one will hear her!  That'll teach her!  😜🙈. #nothinbutlove

Ho hum!