Friday, September 14, 2012

Challenging Days ahead...

Oh my goodness, where would one even start.  I am taking a break from my house cleaning to update my blog.  I  havn't updated in some time because there was nothing that was impressed upon my heart to write about and definitely not put on a public blog! Ha!  I love one of the people that I follow on the blogs, her page is Kellys Korner and I tell you what.  If ever there was a woman that I would love to emulate, it would be her.  Although I am sure she has faults and is by no means perfect, I think I could learn a thing or two from her. 

Well, One thing is really bothering me lately is that we are having to move out of our home because it has been foreclosed upon.  It was a string of events that led us to this point and I accept full  responsibility on not budgeting our money the way that it should be.  I certainly can't blame that on anyone but myself.  Today can be a fresh start though!  I have alreaded uploaded quicken on my computer and am ready to go!

Besides looking for a home, I am looking for a job.  Either of which are not easy to come by.  It seems the houses that I do like have either been already rented out or we did not qualify on the application, oh my goodness.  Could something go right for a change?  I certainly don't want to sound negative, I try to look at the positive but this has really got me wondering, Lord what are you doing?  I know he always has a plan and it is not always ours! 

The job situation leaves me in bewilderment as well.  I have always worked full time and have enjoyed it.  Applications and resumes have been sent to numerous jobs and nothing! Sometimes not even a call back or anything,   My dream has always been to be a stay at home mom and take care of the house and meals, etc.. Unfortunately, it seems it comes at a time that I actually do need to be working so we can afford a home. So realistically I need to be out there bringing home some money but maybe God has another plan for me.  Maybe it is to be a stay at home mom and it is just taking me a little bit more time to figure that out.

Either way, today is more of a day to vent than anything but sometimes that is all I need! 

Well, back to life...if anyone does happen to read my blog..please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!  I really need them!