Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Around the Smith House

This is going to be a post with many different pictures of the Smith fam!  We have so many fun times (and of course not so fun times) but we'll focus on the good ones. ha!

Here goes!

First up, Susan presenting her notes on the book "The Westing Game" with her best friend Hayley at the Literacy fair.

Time to make some pizza!  Friday nights are pizza nights around the Smith house so we like to try out all different types and this night, we made homemade pizzas.  Yumm!

A little bit of dough on him, eh?

Turned out amazingly yumm!

And last but not least, decor around the house for Memorial Day.  Figured I would go ahead and leave it out for July 4th as well.

And that's about it folks!  :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Recap

Hard to put into words the fun that we had yesterday at my sisters house.  Brought up a flood of memories from a lot of things, missing my old house, missing our old pool that we hosted so many pool parties before at.  We had an all around great time.

Thinking of my dad today on Memorial Day.  May he rest in peace.

Lately, I have been finding myself questioning what is to come of the latter part of my life.  What plans does God have in store for me.  I feel like I have had a pretty good life up until now, not very productive in the education background but feel like i have excelled at all my previous places of employment.  I don't like to just sit around on a job and wait for things to happen, I like to continuously make sure that I am busy and making a difference. My kids are healthy and happy.

I wish I could say that my time here at home being a SAHM is something that I can be assured of doing forever. But when you have a husband who is not comfortable with it and feels resentful towards me because I do stay at home, it makes it a little more difficult to feel at ease with everything.

So here we are, today will be spent filling out employment applications, ha!  :)

Back to the Memorial Day pics!  lol

Friday, May 23, 2014

End Result

A nice and refreshing pool for everyone to enjoy!!

A few hours of labor but it definitely paid off!! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday is here!

And all too quickly...weekends are the time that my family is home with me and we usually spend most of the time outdoors.  And this weekend was just beautiful.

Here goes pics of the weekend.  This weekend was all about getting my sisters pool up and running.  She has an above ground pool that she let go last year.  Which meant it had several didn't colors going on in there.  Over production of bacteria and algae.  So she bought a new liner and that is what we worked on both Saturday and Sunday.

This was the pool after it had been emptied out of all water.  The quickest way to get the liner out of the pool was to cut the liner and remove it that way.  It was so bulky by the time it was done there would be no way they could lift it out in one solid piece.

And here is a big frog in the gutters.  Once we took the paneling off we were able to see a big bullfrog hiding out in the coolness of the tin post.

Random happenings here, my niece posed for a pic with me.  Love this little girl.  She is currently a senior and has no idea if she is going to college or where.  So saddened by that because I see my own life without a clearly defined future when I graduated high school.  Hopefully, she decides soon what she will do.  

Susan and James trying out the pool with the new liner put in.  It felt so refreshing.

Quick pic of my little guy wearing his new flip flops.  Let me tell you, this is his first pair of flip flops.  I bought him a pair previously and he hated them, refused to wear them.  So I was ecstatic to see him wearing them yesterday!  :)

More fun time in the pool

Hanging out - taking a break between tasks

My little guy blowing bubbles at his Aunt Crissy's house.

Later that night, I found my buddy at the dining table on the laptop. Looks like he was taking care of business. ha!

And that is about it.  Our weekend was full and yet productive!  Let the new week begin!  :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

First ever Starbuck's visit! Say what???

This morning was my first visit to Starbuck's ever!  And I absolutely loved it! .. It was a Macchiato Caramel Espresso.  Yumm!  Yumm!  is all I have to say!

My next thing that I will have to try is this Chai Tea with Caramel Latte.  Here's a pic with all the deets!  I could prove to be a frequent visitor of Starbucks!  ha!

Can't wait to try this out.

Make it a great Thursday!  :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Recap

What a fun Mother's Day.  We didn't go out and spend a lot of money anywhere, didn't buy anything that was out of this world expensive.  It was a lot about receiving lots of love from my family and rest!  I think I took several naps yesterday and that doesn't happen in a typical day.

My husband found this pretty cool hotel, Daytona Beach Resort and Conference center that we stayed at for a night.  He had some pretty amazing discounts and incentives through his work so we were able to stay there pretty inexpensive. I kept telling my husband, I loved that hotel!  The room we stayed in could easily be turned into a permanent apartment suite for someone.  Love, love, loved it!  Pics will come later.

I did not get to see my own mom for mothers day and my husbands mother said she was not feeling well, so not to bring the kids over.  So we'll have to make it up sometime during the week and make a day trip to see both moms.  :)

Real quick, here are some pics of my kiddos homemade mother's day cards.  These will go in the memory box for sure.

On the way to the hotel for a fun day and night.  (Don't worry, I will be working on my smile. It looks like a strained smile. ha!  )  Let's focus on the children, shall we?  We were so excited!

This was our view from the room.  We were on the 8th floor, we did have a good glimpse of the ocean (and ac units, rooftops, the street below)  It was nice, the kids seemed to really enjoy hanging out on the balcony.

My little guy having fun by the pool

And our little princess with her goggles on

As I mentioned before, the hotel room was so nice.  And maybe next time when I am attempting to show you how beautiful it is, I'll try and take better pictures.  You'll get the idea though from these pictures.  Pretty spacious room.

These pictures are of mom (me) relaxing and just chilling in the hotel room.  Just came up from the pool, Love these moments.  Looking a little rough all at the same time.  ha!  Wouldn't change a thing!

This was my little guy with red eyes.  Chlorine will mess up a kiddos eyeballs pretty quickly if you don't stay on it.

This was the necklace that my family got for me.  I love you to the moon and back.  That is me and my kiddos favorite expression so I was tickled pink when it came out as a marketing trend this year on jewelry.  I loved it!  

Just perfect!

This was my mother's day outfit!  Comfy was the word for the day!  It was actually a walmart dress that I paired with some Levi capris.

My bathing suit for mothers day weekend!

More pics of the kids having fun in the pool.  They made several friends there, played hula hoop games, danced.  So much fun!
Me and my hubby relaxing by the pool

The kids strolling down to the beach
My husband knows that my all time favorite dish (besides Mexican) is Seafood Alfredo.  He has this knock it out of the ballpark recipe that I love!  Yumm, yumm, yumm!  I'll have to post the recipe (crabmeat, shrimp, scallops, mushrooms) once I get all the deets.  You will absolutely love it!
Seafood Alfredo - my favorite dish!

This was the end result of the bird's nest that I talked about in a previous post.  It ends up as decor on a shelf.

And that is about it.  Today is all about clean up with the house since mom had a day off and doing multiple loads of laundry.  Busy day but so happy to be home and getting back in the daily grind of things.  

Make it a great one!  :)