Sunday, August 19, 2012

SUYL - Front Porches

Linking in with Kelly's Korner this morning to show pictures of our front porches.  My front porch is nothing to get excited about at all.  I really would like to add a fresh layer of paint and maybe tile the front concrete slab, etc....  So anyhoo this is what it looks like right now..hohum!

What is nice though, is during the different holidays, I add a wreath to the front door and plants to make it look more warm and cozy for the holidays!

Also, in case you noticed..there is one lion to the left in the picture. There used to be two but the kids were playing with the one and he cracked and eventually broke.  So now have just the one...kinda uneven but maybe I will find another to replace it with.

Hope you enjoyed my front porch!  :)  Stop by again!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wall Display

Hello!  I am linking in with Kelly's Korner to show different ways to display pictures on the walls. 

This wall is for pictures of my kids.  Once a year on Christmas we get their picture taken together and this is the wall that they all go on...It is starting to become a  tad bit cramped so we may need to look at different options this year.

These are vintage type pictures of my kids and I just set them on a shelf and it looks simple but clean.

I am sure you all have seen these, plate racks or picture display.  Another neat way to display pictures throughout the home.

This is just another shot of how we display some of our my daughters room we put up a picture and had a neat little quote underneath.  It says, "Once upon a time, there was a princess".