Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Thought today might be a good day for an update on my blog.  Since the last post, several things seem to have went right!  Thank you Lord!  We can all use things that actually go right for a change.

First, we were able to find a home to move in too.  Tom has a friend from church that has a son in law that had a home available to rent.  So that has worked out really well.  It is a cute house although not my first choice,. I was really wanting something a little closer to my work and also a more established neighborhood.  One that I have always loved and close to my parents home which is important to me.  But either way, as the man of the house he did feel like that was a good choice economically so that is where we are moving the middle of this month.  It is always exciting when you move.  A time to redecorate, make new friends in a new neighborhood, etc...

Second, I was able to get a job.  It is at a place I used to work several years ago.  Although it is part time that is what works for me for now. 

On a happier note, today is Halloween!  Which means my little ones will be out trick or treating.  My son is going to be John Cena and my daughter is going to be a rockstar.  How fun is that!  My step sister will also be joining us this year with my 3 little neices and nephews.  That should be a lot of fun!

Well, that is it for today.  God is Good and I can always rest on that truth!   

One more thing, Since I did recently start back working I have found a few outfits that I would love to buy soon!  Somewhat trendy outfits but I do like!